Thursday, November 7, 2019

Basic Concepts of Quantitative Reasoning Essays

Basic Concepts of Quantitative Reasoning Essays Basic Concepts of Quantitative Reasoning Essay Basic Concepts of Quantitative Reasoning Essay As a course that combines both health issues, critical thinking and quantitative reasoning, there is just so much to learn. The issues tackled in this course are an important foundation to health practice, after all health is based on thinking. Apart from the workplace, other life occurrences require accurate analysis, thinking to make sure that decision-making and problem solving is done skillfully, and the best option carries the day (Gambrill, 2005). DISCUSSION Efficiency is not to be compromised in healthcare especially because you deal with life directly. Therefore, it is required that the decision made to solve a problem in the course of duty should be accurate and the best for the condition in question. Through the course, I hope to build my comprehension and thinking capabilities to analyze the data provided by the patient to administer the best prescription (Gambrill, 2005). Apart from that, quantitative reasoning skills that will be taught in the course of study will go a long way in helping in any research that may arise in the quest for rise in the academic ladder or in the line of work. Results in the health practice are pegged on the ability to recall information, consideration of probable causes, and consideration of many points of view to create the premises and arrive at the best solution, which will solve the problem. Therefore, the course will help in attaining good results in treating patients (Lindh et al, 2009). Outside the work place, life situations are tricky and require critical considerations. In that regard, I hope to improve my decision-making and problem solving skills. This will put my life on course and those who may be dependent on me in terms of parents, siblings or even my own family will gain in one way or another. Parenthood especially can use the skills that will be taught especially in negotiation and behavioral correction (Garrod, 1992). Misleading and untruthful information in the workplace and outside can lead to wrong prescription and bad decision-making. This leads to bad results. Through this course, I hope to be acquainted to the skills of validating a statement or argument that may be put across rather than following the blind path, whose result is regret and poor performance in work. This can be from the internet, friends’ advices and wrong articles that lack any scientific backing for evidence (Quackwatch, 2010). A lot is to be learned in this course. Some of the objectives are clear and can be connected directly to the work ahead. Other than that, other topics need in-depth understanding of the application and effects of the issue. For example, â€Å"what are the detrimental effects of lack of critical thinking and inaccurate analysis on treatment of patients? † is something that requires in-depth information that will create an attachment to the course knowing what its relevance is. In mind, lack of critical thinking and analysis of skills of content can lead to wrong prescription that has adverse and fatal risks to patients is a hypothesis that can be used to investigate the question stated earlier. CONCLUSION The course content has diverse applications directly in the filed of medical practice and other situations in life. It is therefore a crucial and rather interesting to be learning about thinking in the course. REFERENCES Gambrill, E. D. (2005). Critical thinking in clinical practice: Improving the quality of judgments and decisions. New York, NY: John Wiley and Sons. Garrod, A. (1992). Learning for life: Moral education theory and practice. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Publishing Group. Lindh W. Q. , Pooler M. , Tamparo C. , Dahl, B. M. (2009). Delmars Comprehensive Medical Assisting: Administrative and Clinical Competencies. Florence, KY: Cengage Learning Quackwatch. (2010). Quackwatch Mission statement. Retrieved on 17th August 2010 quackwatch. com/00AboutQuackwatch/mission. html

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