Tuesday, November 19, 2019

MPH522 - Public Health Law and Policy, Mod 2 Case Assignment Essay

MPH522 - Public Health Law and Policy, Mod 2 Case Assignment - Essay Example More than two-thirds of the elderly live independently in a family setting. Twenty-seven percent live in modified but not institutional setting, including senior citizens housing, group homes, and apartments, or with family members. Elderly individuals will often try to keep their homes despite the physical or economic difficulties in doing so. A house is more than just a physical shelter; it represents independence and security to most. For some elderly people, keeping the family home is not a sensible option for several reasons. However, some elderly remain in their homes and refuse to give them up and they find themselves facing several challenges such as living expenses, chronic or acute medical conditions, social isolation and limited mobility. Most of the elderly find themselves living on a fixed income therefore neglecting their lifestyles such as eating healthy and seeking medical care. This is one of the areas that needs more attention for public health policy. It has been accepted that these elderly people should leave their homes and go to nursing homes at the expense of Medicare and Medicaid (Fielding, Marks, Myers, 2002). This is the last thing they want and Public Health policy should be developed making them more able to stay in their homes until they die. It is hard to imagine that it is not cheaper and healthier, as well as better quality care for them to be in their own houses. Another issue is emergency preparedness. Most people think the government means for them to have a couple of bottles of water and some dried foods available in case the lights go out. There should be some greater public policies on what should be prepared and for whom and how much for what sized family. The public will never understand this thoroughly if there is not better education and interventions along with policy to help them. This could make a huge difference if there is another major disaster

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