Sunday, December 1, 2019

reservin seats in colleges Essays - Child Welfare, Orphanage

People like to argue about the bad points about the reservation of seats in colleges and schools these days, but most people fail to realise that there are two sides to the situation. In a country like India, where poverty is abundant, the fortunate people need to work together and face the situationto irradicate poverty.Setting up orphanages, hospitals,homes, educational institutions etc. are a few methods that people use to lend a helping hand. Educating a poor, illeterate child is guarantying him a future. On the other hand, people should not be discriminated according to how much money they have. Rich children may get into colleges through bribes and donations and poor children may get in because of the reservation of seats. But once in college,the child has to truly apreciate and utilize their opportunity. A seat at a good college should be awarded to a person who has the capability and willingness to study. Illeterate people are not stupid. A person without any knowledge can still be smart. They just need someone to give them the knowledge.

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